SpaceTrak Version 2.0 Summary
All users have been converted to SpaceTrak 2.0. Numerous bugs and user experience
enhancements were addressed and can be referenced in detail on the attached spreadsheet:
The following list summarizes customer interaction enhancements added since August 2015.
2.0.01 LOGIN-Eliminated browser authentication
2.0.02 LOGIN-Can change user name and password.
2.0.03 USERS-Users can be assigned to specific projects and cannot see projects not assigned to them.
2.0.04 PROJECT SET UP-Can save a .TRAK file which can be archived and/or imported.
2.0.05 CONFIGURE PARAMETERS-Set default templates and added dependency functionality to templates. A template cannot be deleted if there are templates that are dependent. All dependent templates auto load.
2.0.06 CONFIGURE-GENERAL Clear data will not allow user to clear if dependencies exist. “Search” functionality enhanced Export button was added to most CONFIGURE sections Can “Print” from the configure screen
2.0.07 CONFIGURE HIERARCHY -Can clear default Hierarchies (Core, Circulation, Buffer, Contingency etc.)
2.0.08 CONFIGURE PEOPLE Can search for “unknowns” Only way to delete/terminate unknowns is through Configure People screen
2.0.09 CONFIGURE PLACES Can search for “unknowns” Can now load a Places template to include room quantities
2.0.10 CONFIGURE SURVEY Can make changes to survey live at any time and will not lose answers. Can print a report that includes all questions even if not answered.
2.0.11 CONFIGURE FORECAST Added Building Factor % to calculate Rentable SF. Will only show up on the Function Rentable report Hit any Save button and all portions of Configure Forecast will save. Added Format for ROM $ decimals
2.0.12 CONFIGURE CONTACTS Power users can be made contacts. On simple projects with no people, contacts can be added in Configure people and they will become available in CONTACTS AND COMMUNICATIONS Can export Contacts to populate email and other contact information Can clear all Contacts
2.0.13 CONFIGURE COMMUNICATIONS Communication module has been automated and can be administrated by the user. Users can be selected in Communications
Can select a user to have the emails sent from verses SpaceTrak. Can select individual contacts/users verses full Hierarchies to complete
2.0.14 FORECAST Deleting People will put them into Unknowns. In order to delete permanently, the administrator must go to CONFIGURE PEOPLE. Can hit the + sign to close the detailed drop down of Personnel verses CLOSE Contacts or Users can mark Done and Approval in the Forecast screen verses the in the Task list tab. Space Class defaults to Office Forecasted numbers default to current number for the user to change. Proposed standard and space class defaults to current standard and space class Print screen show all entries not just what is viewed on the screen.
2.0.15 BASE REPORTS Added numerous XLS reports Assets identified as “N” (not included as a room) are not counted in the Non headcount total and are identified with a *. Added a Function-Rentable SF Report to include SF per person Page breaks were added between Survey-Contacts and Hierarchies. Print Survey report by user + contacts per Hierarchies. Added Adjacency Hierarchy list version Hierarchy reports list the actual name of Hierarchy verses the level of Hierarchy Can print surveys by Hierarchy level not together Detail report can be printed in landscape version.
2.0.16 ADVANCE ROM -ROM was developed. Module requires training Once base Functions are forecasted, ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude functionality) is available and auto populates Created ROM reports in PDF. Trade and CSI report are also available in XLS.
ADVANCE ROM FUNCTIONALITY Configure-Unit Pricing-load unit pricing or select templates Configure Scope of Work-add questions to the hard coded Scope of work Configure Options-Set up and modify Option names Configure Templates-Modify and delete Function Templates ROM Scope of Work-apply factors that will affect pricing. Set up templates to be used for future projects ROM Function-Specify each Function. Can apply Function Templates. Can split functions if not all functions have the same finishes. Can specify Conventional, Prefab or Furniture. Auto populates SF and LF. Can split specifications. Can save as a template ROM Circulation-Specify the same as Functions Reports