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Cloud software that radically simplifies occupancy planning and real estate forecasting saving significant time and costs.

What if we could give you all the information you need to optimize your RE and strategically analyze whether you should recommend consolidating or deferring new real estate? Big decisions that will impact the bottom line.

SpaceTrak provides the analytics and algorithms that align real estate with business strategy allowing you to make smart decisions. The solution that automates and streamlines the gathering of data, giving you a tool that simplifies facilities forecasting and scenario building.

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Historically, there has not been a smart, systematic process that captures the data gathering, management and evaluation of people and space. No single repository that allows multiple people to enter their information in one place, one time with automatic, live results. No magic wand that identifies who to interview then send out forecasting, adjacency and surveys for key stakeholders to participate from where ever they are at their convenience. No tool that automatically takes all the data gathered and graphically illustrates it with easy to understand visuals and reports.

Until now...

Meet SpaceTrak
Your Secret Weapon

SpaceTrak is a real estate planning and reporting tool that automates the cumbersome and time-consuming data collection and analysis phase of strategic facilities planning.

It enables effective and efficient communication and collaboration between parties involved in strategic occupancy planning projects and transforms the process of real estate forecasting, making it quicker and increasing accuracy, saving up to 80% of the time required versus traditional, manual processes.

No more spreadsheets

While spreadsheets get the job done, there’s a large margin of error. SpaceTrak’s robust software delivers efficiency, shifting organizations from a reactionary mindset to a more responsive and predictive one. Users have the ability to access concise, real-time data and work collaboratively to identify the most efficient strategy.

Based on Strategic Facilities Planning Best Practices, our business solution help enterprises realize an 80% time savings over traditional methods. Designed and built on a solid foundation of data and methodology, SpaceTrak delivers strategic insights and intelligence to your organization.

Be proactive, not reactive.

We Know Industry Best Practices

SpaceTrak is not a CAFM or IWMS facility management system; we are a compliment to whatever data systems are available. Our API allows integration with any CAFM or IWMS system but it is not necessary to have such a system in place. We are a strategic and analytical enterprise-based solution, designed to radically streamline the data-gathering, evaluation, and management of people and places.

David Stephenson, CFM, Little

Facility management systems and SpaceTrak capture different levels of information at different milestones in the life cycle of a portfolio. Marrying the data from the systems allows planners to understand where departments are today and what type of space they have and conduct best fit planning on a high level (CAFM/IWMS) which then drives the detailed programming of individual spaces based on interviews with department leaders covering their future space needs and headcount (SpaceTrak).

Designed by veteran strategic planners with a deep knowledge of commercial real estate and architectural processes and facilities operations.

Four Basic Analytical Operations

Our four basic analytical operations give you the ability to perform complex analytical and ad hoc queries with a rapid execution time.

  1. Consolidation (roll-up)
  2. Drill-down
  3. Slicing and dicing
  4. Graphic analytics
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Innovative software designed to meet the dynamic needs of strategic facilities planners:

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Create synergy by leveraging your enterprise’s two greatest investments –  workforce and workspace.


Architects & Designers

You didn’t enter this industry to be stifled by data gathering and spreadsheets.

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Real Estate Consultants

As a Real Estate Consultant, time and errors cost money.

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"It doesn't cost more to work with the best. It costs more not to."

- Kate Lister, Global Workplace Analytics

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