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About SpaceTrak

Our research and development stems from 120 combined years of experience in architectural design, real estate and strategic facility planning experience

SpaceTrak radically streamlines facilities planning by automating the forecasting process, shortening the timeframe, and increasing the accuracy of information-gathering for commercial real estate and architectural planning.  It provides real-time, business-critical data and insights to help C-suite make informed decisions.

Executive Leadership Team

Kristine O'Hollearn

Strategy and efficiency are in Kristine’s DNA.  With over 30 years’ experience as an Interior Architect in the Strategic Facilities Planning industry, Kristine searched high and low for a tool that would streamline the data gathering, evaluation, and analysis of space.  Realizing no such tool existed, she created the blueprint for what would eventually evolve into SpaceTrak.  The results were astounding; and with that, SpaceTrak’s SaaS platform was born.  Kristine’s visions for continued design of complimentary modules will ensure SpaceTrak grows with the user’s needs.

SpaceTrak is committed to streamlining the forecasting process by providing real-time, business-critical data to ensure informed intelligent decision-making.

SpaceTrak Mission

Our mission is to become the common software platform, or “language,” for the information gathering and planning phase of all real estate and space-related organizations/projects.  SpaceTrak will continue to work with industry leaders to ensure our clients always have access to an intuitive and dynamic solution that saves time and delivers accurate, comprehensive results.

SpaceTrak Culture

SpaceTrak is a technology company committed to understanding people and space requirements within any organization.  Therefore, it’s critical we maintain a culture that models alternative workplace solutions, delivering a high level of communication, collaboration, and personal balance. Technology is an essential component to this culture, allowing us to stay lean, engaged, and competitive.

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