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Workplace Trends of 2015

Workplace Trends of 2015

As we slowly wind down 2014, the lists are starting to accumulate for workplace trend predictions for 2015. Forbes recently came out with their list of predictions. As a Facilities Manager, Architect, or Interior Designer, how do you feel these align with how you see the

The Growth of Shared Work Spaces

Recently, there has been a growing trend of shared work spaces. For better or for worse, these open-plan work spaces are here to stay. While traditional cubicle farms closed-plan offices are still prevalent, a new breed of architects and designers are embracing the benefits of creativity,

Shanghai Company 3-D Prints Village

The potential of 3-D printing is kind of incredible. A Shanghai company constructed a village of humble concrete homes from 3-D printing. It wasn’t completely 3-D printing per se in that there were still some parts that had to be pieced together by manual labor.

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