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Defining Real Estate Forecasting & Occupancy Planning

Successful businesses and organizations are always looking to stay ahead of the curve. Access to future knowledge could help refine current trends and dictate next steps, with great success. Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that provides this information but, there are user-friendly tools that provide accurate results for mergers, acquisitions, relocations, or right-sizing. Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look at real estate forecasting and occupancy planning, then.

Real estate forecasting and occupancy planning software that is user-friendly and provides accurate results is an invaluable tool for any organization. By understanding your needs in raw data, and engaging stakeholders, you become equipped to move beyond the present and make informed choices for changes in your organization. Strategic facilities planning provides your organization a blueprint for the future, coupled with real-time adjustable metrics, allowing you to plan forward with fidelity. Although many organizations understand this is a necessity in today’s business landscape, many are still relying on antiquated manual methods, such as Excel spreadsheets. These older methods seem cumbersome and limited, compared to the emerging innovative systems we can use, presently. Let’s take a closer look at what an intuitive strategic facilities planning tool can do for you.

Space Management for the 21st Century

When we talk about strategic planning, many may assume we are using stagnant numbers, with marginal abilities for calculating future needs. In actuality, SpaceTrack’s software system can assist in planning forward with accuracy and flexibility by implementing a data collection system which continually updates and adjusts as new numbers are gathered. Data gathering can be accomplished through various methods. One of the most effective ways is to tap into the opinions and desires of current managers and C-Suite personnel. By surveying the boardroom, SpaceTrack can create space allocating scenarios which match your plans for growth and expansion, relocation, mergers, and right-sizing. Even if there are different visions moving forward, our unique algorithms are able to gather and analyze past and present data and develop predictive occupancy strategies. And, because your company personnel will be directly guiding and inputting much of the data, you’ll be able to focus on various growth trajectories in order to plan for numerous outcomes. The user-friendly nature of the software makes it possible for even the most tech challenged individuals to successfully input data and receive individualized specifics.

Benefits and Perks

Imagine your business is planning a merger with another successful entity with space and personnel concerns of their own. Predictive real estate forecasting and occupancy planning systems can identify the necessary space you’ll require to meet the needs of the new personnel numbers. In turn, your company will reduce wasted space and resources, which negatively impact your bottom line. You can even compare/contrast similar companies’ spaces to see how their needs evolved to a current configuration. These analytics are then processed for creating various data sets to help develop a complete look at your current and future needs and expenditures.

Additionally, you can implement data collection from any area or personnel set with unlimited user access. Your boots on the ground, so to speak, can be an excellent source of data for current and future space occupancy reports and plans. Where do they work most frequently and what equipment is receiving the most attention? What are the frequented movement paths and what are obstacles to creative flow and collaboration? These are just a few of the metrics which can add to the complete picture.

Service and Partnership

Besides providing top-notch data analytics and powerful strategic facilities planning software, your organization will also receive a forward-planning partner in SpaceTrack. We are regularly tasked with analyzing and developing spatial plans for large scale health, education, business, and financial entities. When undertaking such tasks, we have to develop strong partnerships to ensure total satisfaction is achieved.

Additionally, we remain committed to offering our clients excellent system information and software updates, plus personalized customer service, designed to keep your occupancy planning and organization at an optimal level. We are also able to manage your data and communications logs and store them in a central location, allowing you easy and fast access to all of your company vitals. And, our user interface is quick to learn and flexible enough to work with virtually any company and tailor to their individual needs. Even if your group does need some help and training to get started or conquer an issue, SpaceTrack offers solutions through online training and webinars. We thrive when our clients succeed.

Bolstering the Bottom Line

When you’re able to customize your strategic facilities planning, you’re able to make informed decisions which positively motivate the company and everyone involved. When you plan forward with precision, you are able to create opportunities with vision. It seems logical to say, but the best plans are ones which enrich the entire system. Much like a thriving ecosystem, proper space management and future planning provides the right nutrients for all of the organisms. Your employees, from the bottom to the top, are able to have a stake in the company’s direction, which builds loyalty and trust. Creativity and collaboration will also see a boost. The financial successes of the organization will also begin to blossom and the entire system gains excellent momentum and direction. Who doesn’t desire these results? Let SpaceTrack provide you with a short demo of our software and help you plan forward.

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