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How Apps of the Future Can Alter a Building’s Design


Today’s world is more and more driven by data, and facility managers, architects, and interior designers have seen how data from any source can affect the design of a building. Take, for example, a prospective new mobile app called Chronicle. In a recent article published by Fast Company, Chronicle “would be the first app to monitor someone’s health across various chronic diseases, as it compares to others with similar conditions, in real time.”

The article dives deep into a scenario about how Chronicle can help monitor someone who has lung disease. Via Bluetooth, the app can assess her vitals along with her surrounding environment to gauge what physical activity she’s capable of performing.

With such a constant stream of data, could this be something that is then immediately updated to a patient’s primary care physician? Eventually, there could be a point when medical buildings may not need as much space. If basic data measurement tasks are being handled by a patient’s phone app, then vitals could be measured before a visit. Basic questions could be assessed through technology as opposed to person to person. As a result, appointments could be shorter and waiting rooms could be smaller. Followup appointments could instead be handled by analyzing a patient’s information from Chronicle.

The concept of any app like Chronicle could be extended to industries outside of healthcare. Any office or building space used to complete basic data gathering could eventually be replaced by an app.

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