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How to Design Offices to Improve Health and Wellbeing

In a recent report by World Green Building Council, there was overwhelming evidence provided that shows how just a few small factors can make a large impact on office productivity and wellbeing. Perhaps these are things that you have notice in your office, but have tried to ignore and carry on. Now you have the data to see what really is making a difference. Check out some examples below.

1. Indoor air quality: Better indoor air quality (e.g. low CO2 and pollutants) can lead to productivity improvements of 8-11%.

2. Thermal comfort: The right thermal comfort has a significant impact on workplace satisfaction. Even having your own control on the thermostat can improve productivity.

3. View of nature: Working with a window view, specifically one with any scenes of nature, has shown that it can significantly increase productivity.

4. Exercise: Implementing active design in your building and providing access to health services and amenities like gyms and bicycle storage can help encourage wellbeing.

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