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Real Estate Consultants

Finally, an affordable data management solution for real estate consultants.

SpaceTrak is your competitive advantage and opportunity for a consistent, systematic process to manage multiple clients

Mistakes cost you big. This easy-to-learn and easy-to-use dynamic software is an incredibly efficient way to gather, study, and manage space requirements, removing the potential for human error. In the real estate industry, profits come with efficiency and consistency. SpaceTrak’s abilities capitalize on both by reducing your overall time and chance for errors.

Our intuitive software gathers disparate data into one tool, delivering actionable data regarding your clients’ space requirements.  It automates the needs assessment/programming phase and rough order of magnitude pricing, ensuring maximized profits through consistency and efficiency.  Since SpaceTrak’s solution is cloud-based, consultant teams can access project information, input, and collaborate from anywhere an Internet connection is available.  And you can rest easy knowing you and your client’s data is kept safe and secure, stored on dedicated servers with continuous backup.

Our customers are realizing over 400% ROI; offering you the competitive edge. 

“We were able to create a budget in 20 minutes that took us one (1) month before.”

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