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Real Estate Decision Makers & Planners

Finally, an affordable data management system for real estate decision makers and planners.

SpaceTrak automates the process of data gathering so you can plan forward

Your time is valuable.  Spend more of it understanding your facilities future requirements and developing a proactive plan.  SpaceTrak helps you see the bigger picture; see your temporary, quick fixes dwindle and your long-term solutions thrive.

Our software solution gives you the results, with enough back-up justification to gain C-Suite credibility.  Show how you are planning ahead instead of putting out fires.  Workspace Managers are able to plan with an impact, forecasting people, places, and assets.  With 80-85% time savings, your enterprise will be poised to meet long-term goals in record time and under budget.  And you can rest easy knowing you and your organization’s data is kept safe and secure, stored on dedicated servers with continuous backup.

See how you could save your organization hundreds of hours and increase profitability with SpaceTrak.

“With SpaceTrak we cut eight (8) weeks down to eight (8) days.”

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