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Why SpaceTrak

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Our research and development stems from 120 combined years of experience in architectural design, real estate and strategic facility planning experience.  SpaceTrak will save your company hundreds of hours the very first time you use it.


Turnkey Application

SpaceTrak will onboard your data and set up parameters so you can get into the driver’s seat and immediately begin to gather actionable data.

Central Repository

All data & communications are stored and accessible in one repository.

User Friendly Interface

Intuitive interface requiring minimal training. Get up and running in no time.

Unlimited User Access

Unlimited user access per license.

Validate & Forecast

Validate your baseline data (people, places and assets) and then forecast for future needs.


Gather tangible information via our templates or quickly customize your own online questionnaires.


Highlight company inter and intra relationships and location constraints.

Dashboard, Reports & Analytics

Highlight your key findings with standard reports instantly, or create customized reports with our report wizard. Give instant visibility to C-Suite, translating complex data into actionable knowledge.

Intelligent Communication Module

Communication with project team members is effortless.  All responses are stored for future reference.

Create Multiple Scenarios

Generate various scenarios and vet out the optimal plan for your organization’s needs.


Rough Order of Magnitude enables cost estimates earlier with a high degree of confidence.


As an extension of your team, SpaceTrak is here for you with training, coaching, and support for a successful project.

Strategic Facilities Planning Best Practices

You can count on industry Best Practices, as we have incorporated them throughout the application.

Industry Standard Construction Costs

RS Means construction data allows you to quickly create a project budget.  Once created, data will adjust with each new scenario.

New Features Coming Soon

Learn more about Strategic Facilities Planning


80% Time Savings

Utilize SpaceTrak as your strategic planning tool and reduce your man-hours programming and forecasting, with this intuitive, easy-to-use tool.  SpaceTrak is available anywhere, anytime so that your team and stakeholders can access the system and work when they want to work.  You will immediately be able to visualize the impact of changes.

$$$ Cost Savings

Save, on average, 35% in labor costs [compared to traditional methodology].
What will the cost savings be for you when your real estate is optimized and employee productivity increased? Forecasting errors can hinder portfolio optimization, erroding profitability.

30% Increased Accuracy

Accuracy is substantially increased with our system’s checks and balances, based on consistent methodology.  Manual errors are essentially eliminated and robust algorithms take the guesswork out of your scenarios and estimates. Best Practices are reinforced with bottom-up and top-down validation; you can rest assured that you are looking at the complete picture.

Single Source of Truth

Make decisions with confidence, knowing you possess the most relevant, up-to-date information

Quickly Scalable

Adaptable to the evolving needs of your organization.

Universal Access

Central repository for all parties involved in your project. All project participants, internal and external, work from the same data set.

Integrate with Your System

Have an IWMS or CAFM system?  We seamlessly integrate with your system. Don’t worry if you don’t… we upload your data and set the system up so you don’t have to.

Addresses the Agile Work Environment with Intelligence

Merges multiple data points. Identifies workplace ratios. Highlights future “red light” issues.

Facilitate Collaboration

Comprehensive graphic reporting simplifies complex information and allows straightforward discussions among multi-disciplinary teams, enabling concise decision making.  

Keep Your Sanity

Save brain cells by eradicating ancient, mindnumbing spreadsheets.

Strategic Planning Experience

Developed by strategic workplace architects and planners for strategic workplace planners. Dial into our experience and let us help you deliver compelling results.

The Way of the Future

SpaceTrak will become the common language or “Pre-Design Software” for the industry, similar to what AutoCAD did for design and drawings 30 years ago.

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Be proactive,

not reactive.

Stay ahead of the game and work from a detailed forecast that dials into the data needed for insight and intelligent decision making.

Real Estate Optimization | Mergers | Acquisitions | Relocations | Right-sizing






Accelerated Intelligence



Deliver insight and intelligence with time savings of 80 – 85%

Learn more about Strategic Facilities Planning

SpaceTrak Investment Results


Average time savings


Average Time ROI


Average Cost Savings


Average Cost ROI

Modules to fit your needs

Only Pay for What you need

Project Setup – One Time Fee

  • Unique URL setup
  • Single project configuration
  • Survey development
  • Space standards assistance
  • Data preparation (does not cover p-lines for AutoCAD plans)
  • Data loading
  • Training
  • Project launch

Access and Support – Annual Subscription

  • Software license & access
  • Space forecast module
  • Survey module
  • Adjacency module
  • Rough Order of Magnitude module (additional charge)
  • Canned reports & graphs
  • Report wizard
  • Communications management
  • Database hosting & backups
  • Webinars & on-going training
  • Maintenance & upgrades
  • Tech support
  • Unlimited users
  • Additional Modules:  Coming Soon

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