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Workplace Trends of 2015


As we slowly wind down 2014, the lists are starting to accumulate for workplace trend predictions for 2015. Forbes recently came out with their list of predictions. As a Facilities Manager, Architect, or Interior Designer, how do you feel these align with how you see the workplace evolving? Here are a few notables from the list.

1. More workers move away from traditional career paths – Year over year, there are more and more who decide to become freelancers. Companies are also hiring more temp workers and consultants because of the cost benefits.

2. Workers constantly keep a tab on job searching – Companies may anticipate less retention as lately many workers keep a tab on what jobs are out there. It truly no longer is the case that this generation of workers stays with a company for years and, instead, look to hop around to quickly advance.

3. Succession planning is a higher priority – As more and more boomers face retirement, more companies will need to address a succession plan. Within the plan, it’s likely that those boomers will stay on the payroll to help transfer their knowledge to their successors.


Check out the rest of the list here.

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